Deciding to go on a Golfing Holiday

If you are an avid golfer, then a golfing holiday could be the perfect break for you. It is the ideal way to practice your game and work on your skills, all whilst in a beautiful setting where you can get away from it all. Here are some points to help you plan your dream golfing vacation:

  • Select your destination carefully. Check what the weather will be like before you go, or you could end up spending very little time out on the golf course. The Algarve is known for its mild temperatures and is an excellent destination.
  • Decide what you are doing about equipment. If you take it on a plane with you, it might incur extra costs. Plan for this, or hire golf clubs when you arrive.
  • Plan to stay close to the golf course. This will give you good access, as well as potentially saving you some money when you want to go onto the course.
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An enchanting holiday Amidst Balaia’s Attractions

There are many ways to enjoy an Algarve holiday in Balaia; you can wake up and take a short stroll to clubhouse, perhaps head straight to the first tee of this stunning 9 hole par 3 course and finish the beautiful day with relaxation at its finest, perhaps choosing between one of the six outdoor swimming pools or even taking a plunge in a corner Jacuzzi.

The cool touch of azure water in the beach, the wonderful elegance of colorful sunset, the feel of fine sand under your feet, the massive buildings showing its architectural greatness, the tour of adventurous desert safari combine and describes Balaia attractions. Balaia is a paradise for both national and overseas travelers with long stretches of coastline, beaches and manmade marvels.

It carries the right mix of natural beauty and facilities to suffice the need, all along the world prove the charm and influence of wandering in this city. Estimation says, by the year 2020, Balaia could be the leading tourist destination in the world. Continue reading

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Preparing to travel to India

Travelling to India has become increasingly popular over the last 5 or 10 years. The backpackers and gap year students have been visiting in their droves since the 1960s but it is now becoming a destination for the more ordinary, more mature, yet adventurous tourist who wants more from a holiday than just lounging by the side of a pool near Alicante.

However, it is absolutely vital to make sure all routine vaccinations are up to date before departure. In addition, some vaccinations, like hepatitis A and B, require a course of 3 injections over 3 months so do allow enough time for this to happen. Other courses and boosters which are also highly advised include tetanus, diphtheria and typhoid. Depending on the area to be visited, you may also require a course of anti-malarial tablets and to be vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis, especially if you are spending prolonged time in rural areas.

If you are staying in India for a long time, it is also worth considering a rabies shot too. However, providing you allow enough time before departure, your GP or practice nurse will be able to give up-to-date relevant health advice for the area of India to which you are travelling.

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Everyone needs a holiday

Some people look at a holiday as a luxury, but I think we should all try to budget in a holiday as if it was a necessity. The reason for this is that without having a break away from it all it is quick to become run down and can make us less productive in work and home life.

Holidays do not necessarily have to be expensive; just a weekend away in Wales camping can be all we need to recuperate from the daily chores and challenges that life throws at us.

If you have children, it is great for them to experience new things. If you have always stayed away in a resort or hotel then why not try braving the great outdoors. Although these holidays may not be as relaxing it can bring you closer as a family and actually make you appreciate the things that we have at home and possibly take for granted.

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Finding a good travel agent

Travel agents are often skipped in the process of booking a holiday with many travellers cutting out the middle man and booking a vacation direct with the hotel or resort provider. This can save you money but may mean that you have to take on a lot more responsibility yourself and should anything go wrong you often have no one to turn to.

There are advantages of booking through an agent and finding a good one can be somewhat scary especially if this is the first time you have gone away. Most travel agents will offer you some sort of insurance or compensation that will be paid out should there be any hiccups whilst on holiday. Check before you leave what you are entitled to and what they will provide in terms of emergency accommodation or flight changes if required. Read a few reviews on an travel agent before using thm and do not always just go with the cheapest.

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