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Cruising in a narrowboat during winter

Posted on December 30, 2013 at 11:51 am

If you have never considered cruising in a Narrowboat during the summer period then you are probably missing some of the important moments in your life. Narrowboat life in the summer is majorly made up of lazy days where you cruise gently under the tranquil waterway. Despite the enjoyable life you will experience, you might find the British summer too painful at times. At times it could be too short and unpredictable than expected. As a result, you have to be always prepared for any outcome by using Narrowboat Chandlery supplies on your boat.

Water in the sea can at times be destructive to your boat items. Whenever it freezes, it damages the pipes, pumps and tanks. Whenever water undergoes melting, it occasionally floods and you are likely to face costly repairs on your boat. As a result, it is always advisable that you winterise your boats whenever you are cruising in the winter season. However, if you are always on board at all times you do not have to winterise your boat. If you are planning to leave your boat for extended periods it is always advisable that you attach on board heating to it in order to supply some little warmth that will protect the boat parts from the harmful cold generated during winter.

Winterising your boat involves a quick and easy process since it involves use of common sense. The major purpose of the process is to prevent the water underneath your boat from freezing and rupturing some of the boat parts. In simple terms, you will be required to empty some water from the main tank, turn off the main stop cock and open the shower and tap attachments in order to allow water to run out of the pipes. If you have an on demand water heater from narrowboat chandlery, you will be required to drain it too. Additionally, the water in the engine should also be drained.

Boats can at times be dangerous at your highest point of enjoyment. This is the reason why there are ropes to help you trip up, narrow steps up and down and gunwales to slip into the water. You have to be careful since these surfaces are always slippery at times. With a single touch of ice on them, you will be liable for disaster.

Most owners of narrowboats prefer cruising through the winter. However, during off-season there are always few boats and you can enjoy the stunning scenery. However, there are two major problems you can experience during winter. One is always stoppages and the other is ice. Stoppages result in closure of some sections of the canal while ice can always be dangerous whenever they land on some of the parts of the boat. Before cruising into the sea during winter, it is essential that you be prepared for all the problems that might occur. Understand where the stoppages are and always pay attention to regular weather forecasts. Stock up all your winter supplies and parts from narrowboat chandlery to avoid landing into uncomfortable situations in the sea. Additionally, you should ensure your diesel tanks are fully topped up.

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Caravan Holidays

Posted on December 29, 2013 at 6:45 am

People love to travel and enjoy the essence of freedom from the utmost peak of independence. And people usually await their holidays with extreme anticipation to try out various methods of spending their most awaited vacation periods. Some people like to spend Caravan holidays in order to experience some change in their day today life styles.

Caravan holidays can bring you new styles of living,some call it as the art of living. Because it provides the advantage to travel and visit anywhere you want on the land and does not hold you back from the normal issues like accommodation and everything else. A caravan is sort of a running house which is quite the mobile model of a house.

People from every age consider it as a new aspect of adventurous life and most of the young adults have gradually digested the idea of Caravan holidays. It is very popular among a number of people due the simplicity which is offered by the ride itself.

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Exploring Europe

Posted on December 19, 2013 at 9:27 am

There are so many great places to visit in Europe, outside of the UK and there are now plenty of tours available, letting you take in the culture of countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy Switzerland and France among many more.

If you want something more than a general holiday, and have the time to go on a proper tour. You can explore Europe in 12 days, 25 days, 29 days and occasionally even more, and many tours can be found relative cheap.

Some people will drive and head to the exact destinations that they want to, however, if you book a package holiday with flights included, you can get to destinations quicker, and spend less time travelling and more time Exploring Europe.

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Algarve Holidays: Breathtaking Destinations

Posted on December 3, 2013 at 4:27 pm

Algarve holidays give you an opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. There are sandy beaches where visitors can take walks, enjoy the view or take a swim in the warm water. The entertainment spots are lively and there are various shopping sites in the area. This destination is renowned for its amazing golf courses, which usually line the coast. Watersports fans can also enjoy a wide variety of games. Children also get to join in the fun during the holiday when they visit zoos and water parks. The cuisine in the area is diverse and there is something for every palate from traditional meals to international dishes.

Weather and Climate

One of the things that visitors keep in mind when they want to travel is the kind of weather and climate in their preferred destination. Algarve holidays offer some of the best weather throughout the year. The summers and winters are mild. September and May are the best months to visit the area because the weather tends to be warm especially during the day. Temperatures are not extreme during these two months. If you enjoy being out in the sun, summer is a great time to visit the area. The days tend to be longer during the summer. Winter is short in the area and the temperatures are mild therefore it is possible to enjoy some of the sights and sounds all year round.


Car hire is an effective transport solution during algarve holidays. This allows you to visit all the attractions conveniently. You do not have to rush to get a bus to any location when you hire a car. Visitors can take leisurely drives through the streets while they enjoy the architecture in the area. You can also drive along the coastline in the car hire. For those who want to relax during their trip, taxis offer a better solution. The taxi drivers are well informed about all the major attractions in the area and they will point out some of the locations that are considered important. There are several taxi ranks in the area therefore it is easy to get a driver to take you to any location. If you are carrying luggage, you are likely to be charged extra for the taxi ride.

Popular Events

Algarve holidays are synonymous with carnival time, which usually takes place in February. The area has one of the oldest carnivals in the country. You will get to witness colourful parades as the people in the area dress up in some of the most extravagant costumes. There is a lot of dancing during the parade and this makes it one of the highlights of a visit to the area.

Visitors can also see some of the most famous sand sculptors in the globe during a visit to the area. They are the big and some of them weigh several tonnes. The sculptors are on display from May to October. The diverse attractions that are on offer during Algarve holidays make it one of the most preferred destinations.

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British Holidays by the River

Posted on November 7, 2013 at 4:28 pm

There are more holiday destinations in England than some may think, and it certainly offers a different taste to package beach holidays abroad. So if you are contemplating a change next year, perhaps searching for peace and quiet, then a cottage holiday by the river could be perfect.

Like many other countries England, Scotland and Wales have vast amounts of culture too, and each can benefit from countryside walks, far reaching views, and traditional food. British holidays are often associated with the sea resorts like Brighton, Yarmouth and Cornwall, and if you wanted a truly different type of holiday, then accommodation by a river could be superb.

The Ouse and the Nene benefit from a different type of scenery, and by staying nearby in a small cottage you can be given a truly traditional countryside feel. Make sure you consider a British River Holiday next year if you’re looking for something different.

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