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Cruising in a narrowboat during winter

Posted on December 30, 2013 at 11:51 am

If you have never considered cruising in a Narrowboat during the summer period then you are probably missing some of the important moments in your life. Narrowboat life in the summer is majorly made up of lazy days where you cruise gently under the tranquil waterway. Despite the enjoyable life you will experience, you might find the British summer too painful at times. At times it could be too short and unpredictable than expected. As a result, you have to be always prepared for any outcome by using Narrowboat Chandlery supplies on your boat.

Water in the sea can at times be destructive to your boat items. Whenever it freezes, it damages the pipes, pumps and tanks. Whenever water undergoes melting, it occasionally floods and you are likely to face costly repairs on your boat. As a result, it is always advisable that you winterise your boats whenever you are cruising in the winter season. However, if you are always on board at all times you do not have to winterise your boat. If you are planning to leave your boat for extended periods it is always advisable that you attach on board heating to it in order to supply some little warmth that will protect the boat parts from the harmful cold generated during winter.

Winterising your boat involves a quick and easy process since it involves use of common sense. The major purpose of the process is to prevent the water underneath your boat from freezing and rupturing some of the boat parts. In simple terms, you will be required to empty some water from the main tank, turn off the main stop cock and open the shower and tap attachments in order to allow water to run out of the pipes. If you have an on demand water heater from narrowboat chandlery, you will be required to drain it too. Additionally, the water in the engine should also be drained.

Boats can at times be dangerous at your highest point of enjoyment. This is the reason why there are ropes to help you trip up, narrow steps up and down and gunwales to slip into the water. You have to be careful since these surfaces are always slippery at times. With a single touch of ice on them, you will be liable for disaster.

Most owners of narrowboats prefer cruising through the winter. However, during off-season there are always few boats and you can enjoy the stunning scenery. However, there are two major problems you can experience during winter. One is always stoppages and the other is ice. Stoppages result in closure of some sections of the canal while ice can always be dangerous whenever they land on some of the parts of the boat. Before cruising into the sea during winter, it is essential that you be prepared for all the problems that might occur. Understand where the stoppages are and always pay attention to regular weather forecasts. Stock up all your winter supplies and parts from narrowboat chandlery to avoid landing into uncomfortable situations in the sea. Additionally, you should ensure your diesel tanks are fully topped up.

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Foreign Travel Advice Specialists

Posted on August 31, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Foreign travel is superb. A trip to a foreign place can be a memorable and exciting experience. However it can also be rather intense.You are in unfamiliar ground and all your senses are heightened. And experiences are more stimulating and vivid.

In addition, jet lag can interrupt your sleep habits. And you may be consuming unfamiliar foods, exercising less or more than you do at home and drinking more than usual.

Worst of all, the expectations might be a lot higher than usual. A person may not care much about what he or she does on a day off at home. However he or she probably has a pretty big to-do list for his or her precious time in a foreign land.

All these combined can make a person less easygoing than he or she usually is. Before you pack the bags and head off to that international airport, there is essential Foreign Travel Advice that you need to put into consideration before venturing beyond the sanctuary of your friendly country boarders.

Many of the securities and privileges you enjoy in your country are immediately left behind once you leave the boarders of your country’s soil. While in your country, you may sometimes take for granted the freedoms, liberties and protections you have as a citizen. When you venture to another country, many matters you might take for granted in your country change dramatically when you travel to a foreign land.

So, before heading merrily off to that foreign country with your favorite travel bag and travel hat, you need to ensure that you seek proper Foreign Travel Advice and know how to prepare for any unplanned legal, personal or medical emergencies. You should understand how the medical insurance coverage will disappear or change. You should have a basic understanding of the laws of that country you are going and the person to contact when matters arise that you didn’t foresee.

If you go to a foreign land, the medical care may be sub-standard to your country. If you have a severe condition subject to the requirement of speedy medical care, find out about the place and the quality of the medical facilities that are available at the place you plan to visit. Ensure that you have with you adequate prescription medication and refill prescriptions from the doctor. Additionally, you should have a letter from your doctor summarising the condition and the medications prescribed. And most essential, carry the medication in the pharmacy labeled packet.

A group medical coverage might or might not cover the unexpected medical requirements or offer limited coverage. Many medical insurance policies normally cover the medical cost while a person is out of the country. But, few will cover the cost of transferring a medical patient back to his country, and the actual charge would be well over ten thousand euros. The large number of foreign travelers hardly has significant problems abroad, but, it is advisable to plan ahead in the event an unfortunate legal or medical emergency develops by seeking Foreign Travel Advice.

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Travel Safety Tips

Posted on June 28, 2013 at 10:57 am

Personal travel safety is an important factor to consider while on the move. always, You should be looking out for your personal safety, but you should be even more concerned when you are traveling. Whether you are out of town on business trips, visiting a friend or a family, or just exploring the beauty of your great nation, when you are away from home, you are out of your element. You don’t know the way around the town or the high crime areas to avoid, so you are more vulnerable than when you are at home.

It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life in the whole world, but crime is a very real problem. We see the threats to our travel safety in newspapers and on TV every day of the year. Muggings, murder, sexual assault, purse snatching, identity theft, robbery, bank holdups, home invasions, and more, are all too real, and are far too common. They happen in big cities, small towns, and rural areas. Your personal safety is at risk wherever you go, and at all times.

You can be victimized in your home, on the street, while shopping, or when you’re traveling. There’s no place that’s 100 percent safe, 100 percent of the time. Some crimes are committed by career criminals, some are crimes of opportunity, and some are just pranks that get out of hand. You need to be prepared for the risks you might face, and work to minimize those risks as much as possible. Police and other law enforcement agencies do a great job, but they can’t protect you. Usually, they respond after a crime has already been committed, which is too late if you’re the victim.

When it gets down to where the rubber meets the road, our travel safety is our own responsibility. Thankfully, there are many things you can do, and habits you can practice, which will greatly reduce the risks to your travel safety. You don’t have to be a victim of crime, but you also don’t need to be paranoid. Taking responsibility for your personal safety doesn’t mean you regard every stranger as a potential criminal, or that you have to live the rest of your life as a hermit. Paranoia and cutting yourself off from society aren’t the answers to crime. Keeping yourself safe is mostly a matter of educating yourself as to what the dangers are, and how to avoid them.

You’ll need to stay vigilant and aware, and possibly make a few lifestyle changes, but don’t let the concern for your travel safety make you panicked, or constantly afraid. With knowledge and action, you can lead a full and active personal and social life, and still keep yourself from becoming a victim. There are several ways of making yourself safer that are not difficult, and few require a lot of money. In fact, most don’t require any money. It’s all about awareness and the choices we make. Be alert and do things right, and you’ll go a long way toward increasing your personal safety and the safety of your belongings.

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Useful Travel Advice for Everyone

Posted on July 16, 2012 at 3:22 pm

Think you are new to venturing overseas? Then look no further to get travel advice and we will give some valuable advice that we have gained from personal travelling experience. One of the most essential things to consider prior to flying off to a brand new county is to have a plan of the exact location you are going to. It is very useful to Google reviews prior to leaving and gets a sense of the location from various other people’s experience. There are numerous places to find expert advice about travel destinations and exactly what hotels would be best, getting there, price of the travelling and living expenses. That way you are taking the necessary steps to make your experience as straight forward as possible. More travel assistance to keep in mind is always have a visa if the country you really are travelling to requires it. Organize an affordable budget and please take a mixture of traveller’s cheques, cash and also bank cards this way if one goes missing you’ve got a backup. One additional thought would be to make copies of all of important documents like passport, driving license, insurance plan documents, medical records etc.

Travel Safety

Travel safety is extremely important if you are travelling in to lands not known for you. At least one method to take the stress from travelling to allow your mind to focus is always to prepare your getaway well in advance. The earlier the better is my personal opinion with regards to scheduling trains, planes, boats, bus or another method of transport. Take a note book along with you to jot down all emergency phone numbers associated with the location or places you’re travelling to, this could include medical centres, local police force etc. Along with making an itinerary for yourself be sure you pass it on to a person who will be staying at home like a family member or friend, this acts as a great contingency plan should you have to ask for their support. Food and drinks to foreign countries can be very important your travel safety abroad, always stick to fresh produce and drink which in your understanding has already been hygienically prepared and you will minimise the chance of becoming sick.

Driving Abroad

Understanding the road safety abroad is essential for minimising the potential risk of any road accidents abroad. Many countries round the world enable you to drive on their roads with a British driving licence. It’s always good to confirm with the embassy in the United Kingdom to find out precisely what is needed for you to drive in another country, you might need to acquire an international driving permit.

Most countries have lots of companies offering car rental and quite a number of these companies operate in many countries. However all of this is dependent upon your holiday destination as to whether you will have to drive abroad. If you are visiting a densely populated city it is likely that driving abroad will probably be out of the question. An extremely helpful skill for driving abroad is the ability to drive a manual 5 speed vehicle as well as drive on the opposite side of the road when compared with what you are used to.

Hostile Environment Training

Regardless if you are an adventurous traveller and want to be prepared or you’re an employer and have a duty of care to ensure your employees are ready for hostile foreign territories, there are some important steps to consider. Hostile Environment Training prepares you for some very unique scenarios and challenges which could be unforeseen in foreign lands. So long as you are prepared you should not be put off going to these sorts of places, there are a lot of hostile environment training courses available in great Britain designed to you get prepared for virtually any instances of risk in strange environments.

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