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Posted on August 31, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Foreign travel is superb. A trip to a foreign place can be a memorable and exciting experience. However it can also be rather intense.You are in unfamiliar ground and all your senses are heightened. And experiences are more stimulating and vivid.

In addition, jet lag can interrupt your sleep habits. And you may be consuming unfamiliar foods, exercising less or more than you do at home and drinking more than usual.

Worst of all, the expectations might be a lot higher than usual. A person may not care much about what he or she does on a day off at home. However he or she probably has a pretty big to-do list for his or her precious time in a foreign land.

All these combined can make a person less easygoing than he or she usually is. Before you pack the bags and head off to that international airport, there is essential Foreign Travel Advice that you need to put into consideration before venturing beyond the sanctuary of your friendly country boarders.

Many of the securities and privileges you enjoy in your country are immediately left behind once you leave the boarders of your country’s soil. While in your country, you may sometimes take for granted the freedoms, liberties and protections you have as a citizen. When you venture to another country, many matters you might take for granted in your country change dramatically when you travel to a foreign land.

So, before heading merrily off to that foreign country with your favorite travel bag and travel hat, you need to ensure that you seek proper Foreign Travel Advice and know how to prepare for any unplanned legal, personal or medical emergencies. You should understand how the medical insurance coverage will disappear or change. You should have a basic understanding of the laws of that country you are going and the person to contact when matters arise that you didn’t foresee.

If you go to a foreign land, the medical care may be sub-standard to your country. If you have a severe condition subject to the requirement of speedy medical care, find out about the place and the quality of the medical facilities that are available at the place you plan to visit. Ensure that you have with you adequate prescription medication and refill prescriptions from the doctor. Additionally, you should have a letter from your doctor summarising the condition and the medications prescribed. And most essential, carry the medication in the pharmacy labeled packet.

A group medical coverage might or might not cover the unexpected medical requirements or offer limited coverage. Many medical insurance policies normally cover the medical cost while a person is out of the country. But, few will cover the cost of transferring a medical patient back to his country, and the actual charge would be well over ten thousand euros. The large number of foreign travelers hardly has significant problems abroad, but, it is advisable to plan ahead in the event an unfortunate legal or medical emergency develops by seeking Foreign Travel Advice.

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