Glamping on an African Safari

Posted on January 29, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Glamping is a wonderful way of going on holiday. It really brings two different types of holidaying together, combining them in a new and exciting way. It brings the high quality service, and luxurious living environment of top quality hotels, and combines that with the experience of living closely to nature.

Glamping has become an increasingly common method of holidaying, particularly in confluence with safari holidays in Africa. It takes you closer to the outside world than any other type of safari holiday, and leaves a lot of room for you to experience the wonderful wildlife throughout the world.

There are many ways to glamp, although the most common seems to be a pavilion constructed with all the creature comforts one would expect on a luxurious holiday included. There are also holiday packages where you get to spend your time in a tree house, among the forest canopy, a unique experience if ever there was one. Both these modes of residence are similar, allowing you to experience the wildlife like you can on any camping trip; albeit in a choice location, but combining that with the luxury one would expect from a top class hotel.

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